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We serve as legal representatives for corporations, as well as small and large businesses. In order advise our clients in the most effective ways possible, we keep apprised of a wide variety of legal fields, including contract law, tax law, real estate, and bankruptcy.

Whether you need help setting up a business, closing it down, or anything in between, Ashley F. Morgan Law, PC can help you accomplish your goals. Many individuals start companies on their own by filing documents with the State Corporation Commission; however, there is actually a lot more than needs to be done to ensure the proper protections are in place. Starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation (Corp. or Inc.) provides some protections against personal liability if there is an issue in the future.

To ensure you keep these protections in place, there are many steps that need to be taken; these actions are usually called corporate formalities. Take the right steps and being proactive means that if someone tries to “pierce the corporate shield” or come after the owner individually, they will be less likely to succeed. Even if you just want to act as a sole proprietorship or establish a DBA (Doing Business As), we can help ensure your paperwork is in order and you are complying with state and local laws.

As your company grows, often you will experience certain growing pains and need more guidance. For example, many business clients start as a small company with a loose structure. As your business grows, you likely will need more internal policies and oversight. Often, a corporate handbook and office trainings are required to ensure employees understand their rights and responsibilities. There are certain rights all employees have under state and federal law that both the employees and the employer should understand.

Attorneys at Ashley F. Morgan Law, PC have experience working with companies of various sizes. We regularly advise business clients on corporate governance and operational issues such as the rights and responsibilities of officers and directors and the general oversight of the legal activities of the company.

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