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At Ashley F. Morgan Law, PC we understand that you are going through a difficult time and are mindful of both your emotional and legal needs. Our goal is to help you overcome your financial and/or legal difficulties as quickly as possible. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Northern Virginia always treat you and your family with the respect and compassion that you deserve.

As a leading bankruptcy law firm in Northern Virginia, we are frequently asked how to get out from under the burden of debt. We regularly help individuals in Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Arlington Counties file bankruptcy.

Living with overwhelming debt is stressful, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Prior to filing bankruptcy, many of our clients were receiving past-due notices in the mail, being harassed by creditors, having their wages garnished, and were at risk of losing everything. Debt weighs you down and prevents you from getting ahead in life.

At Ashley F. Morgan Law, PC, we are an experienced bankruptcy law firm in northern Virginia that is dedicated to helping you find a debt relief solution that works for you. We can eliminate your debt, get you back on track, and help you enjoy a fresh start on your financial well-being. For some people bankruptcy can help bring a fresh start and provide a way that can help manage their finances. One of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will be able to review your situation and determine if bankruptcy is a viable option for you.

Some people may view bankruptcy as an admission of failure or as a punishment for being unable to pay bills. People that believe this do not understand what bankruptcy is about. Bankruptcy is a tool that helps consumers deal with overwhelming debt. It was written into federal law because the government understands that some people get into financial difficulty and need a way out. Our bankruptcy attorneys want to make sure you understand your rights.

Bankruptcy is not a punishment or an admission of failure. It is a legal proceeding and a financial decision that relieves a debtor of some or all of their obligations to repay their debt, so they can afford to pay their basic living expenses. Although bankruptcy is not the best option for everyone, it provides many people with the fresh financial start that they need to move forward. We want to be the lawyers that help you find the right option for your situation, whether or not that includes filing for bankruptcy.

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Trust Ashley F. Morgan Law, PC when you need effective bankruptcy relief in Virginia. We provide convenient office hours to meet your busy schedule, including evening and virtual appointments for clients. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys want to help you create a plan to help you enjoy a fresh financial start, save your home from foreclosure, or protect your legal rights in court.

What can our Law Firm in Herndon do for you?

Our team at Ashley F. Morgan Law, PC in Herndon will look over your situation with you and ensure that you understand all of the legal options available to you. Although no one tries to go bankrupt, life changes may make this the only viable option. Medical problems, divorce, and economic downturns are things that no one plans. Unfortunately, debt won’t disappear by pretending it doesn’t exist. You need relief from the burden of debt, and it isn’t always possible to pay certain debts that have spiraled out of control. Our bankruptcy attorneys have the experience and dedication to help figure out the best solution for your situation.

Disclaimer: This law firm is a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

You have choices

Consumers have choices concerning the type of bankruptcy assistance that may help their situation. Consumers typically file either under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Both options usually stop any collection activity against you, stay pending lawsuits, and give you some time to regroup.

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you do not typically lose your assets because you fund your repayment plan through your income. When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can usually protect certain property that maybe be exempt by state or federal law. For example, you can usually protect your retirement savings, most household goods, clothing, and even your personal motor vehicle (up to certain limit).

Bankruptcy is a legal tool to wipe out and eliminate the burden of debt, allowing you to begin to rebuild your credit. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can review your situation and explain the benefits and drawbacks to filing bankruptcy related to your particular situation. Our offices in Herndon, Va  are conveniently located close to Route 28, Fairfax County Parkway and Route 7. We help individuals living in Herndon, Reston, Burke, Fairfax, Annandale, Sterling, Woodbridge, Stafford, Chantilly, Centreville, Manassas, Springfield, Ashburn, Dulles, Leesburg, and other northern Virginia cities.


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