It is 2017 Tax Season!

We are in the midst of 2017 tax season. The tax filing season is in full swing. The Internal Revenue Service is anxiously awaiting for you to file your 2017 taxes. This year, you must file and pay your taxes by April 17, 2018. Remember, if you file for a tax extension, it is an extension to file not an extension to pay. As a result, if you do not pay all taxes due for 2017 before the filing deadline, then you will be subject to interest and penalties. Attorney Arthur Rosatti discusses the importance of getting your returns prepared as soon as possible and the new tax scams to be on the look for.

Arthur is an attorney at Ashley F. Morgan Law, PC. He focuses his practice on helping our client manage their tax debt. Similarly, he works with the IRS and state taxing agencies (such as the Commonwealth of Virginia) to negotiate payment plans, settle debts, or find other available relief. In you have tax debt that you cannot pay right away or owe back taxes, contact our office and we can help guide you through your options.